“My goal is to make an entry point for all gamers to compete. I want people to play to their full potential at whatever level they are.”

Johnathan Fatal1ty Wendel
Cofounder and Chief Gaming Officer

ReadyUp lets you find and meet gamers you like – and makes it easy to manage your team, stay connected, and improve your game.

ReadyUp is for gamers of all levels, whether you’re a pro, competitive amateur, or a weekend player. Create a profile to meet other players or find a team. Stay connected and improve your game with a comprehensive set of team management tools. Scout, recruit, add new players, and promote your team. If you’re an expert, commercialize your skills by offering coaching, training, and mentoring services. If you’re a player looking for expert advice, use ReadyUp to seek out and learn from some of the world’s top gamers.

Our Story

ReadyUp was born when cofounders Roderick Alemania and Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel were talking about what esports would need to reach its full potential. The solution would address the challenges of a fragmented community and the complexity and workload of managing a team. It would be welcoming. It would not focus solely at the most elite levels of competitive gaming. And it would make it easy for every gamer to compete and raise their game.

ReadyUp was born.

ReadyUp is a community that enables gamers at all levels to meet, compete and get better.

We come from esports, games, traditional sports, entertainment, consumer brands, cyber security, and cryptocurrency. We’re united in our mission to connect, inspire and empower esports competitors and teams.


We showed ReadyUp to a few gamers…